Baked Apple Pie 16 ounce jar candle


Baked Apple Pie- This scent smells just like you are baking and apple pie in the oven.  You get that blast of apples and then a hit of that brown sugar that mom always puts in the filling.  We color this a mustard yellow color to match what we expect the crust to look like.

Our 16 ounce candles are made from a soy and paraffin blended wax.  We use a cotton/zinc core wick so that it allows the customer to quickly light the candle and will allow for a much cleaner burn from the candle.  Our 16 ounce candles will burn for 80 to 85 hours.  We hand pour every jar and they are fully scented all the way to the bottom.  We only use the finest ingredients to make our candles because we do not feel like average ingredients do our product any good.  We want all of our customers to be customers for life and having a jar candle that actually still has its fragrance during the last few hours of burn time is the way that we feel our customers will want to burn our candles more over our competitors.