Chick Mini Reed Diffuser


This item is our primitive hand dipped Mini Reed Diffuser. A great piece for your kitchen or bathroom.


Our Chick face for Easter. This grubby votive is coated in chunky yellow wax with a Lemon Peel scent, and then decorated with peppercorns and a bead to look like a primitive Chick for Easter.

We first pour a 2 ounce bottle of reed diffuser oils and scent.  After this is ready we hand dip each bottle into the scented wax that is ordered.  This allows for each reed diffuser to give off a light scent without having any liquid in them.


Each of our mini reed diffusers include the 2 ounce bottle of reed diffuser oils dipped in your favorite scent, 6 reed straws, and a drilled out lid for when using the reed diffuser.

Lemon Peel- This is a very strong and refreshing lemon scent which reminds you of a warm spring day. The color is a bright sunshine yellow.