Snickerdoodle Cookies Votive


This item is our country primitive hand dipped votive. An adorable piece for your holiday mantel or candle display!


Snickerdoodle Cookies- This candle reminds me of fresh baked snickerdoodle cookies.  It has a hint of ginger and a punch of cinnamon.  It all comes together for a sweet but homey fragrance that everyone will enjoy.  We color this a yellow/tan color that reminds us of the inside of the cookie.

We first hand pour our votives with our rich scent.  Then we hand dip each grubby votive candle separately and add the decorations to finish off the candle.

One of our hand dipped votive candles will typically last for 25 hours and will burn through the middle while illuminating the decoration on the outside.  At the end of the burn time in the hours of 20 you will then see the votive candle start to cave inwards to use the rest of the wax.