Snowman Large Reed Diffuser


This item is our primitive hand dipped Large Reed Diffuser. A great piece for your mantel, kitchen, or bathroom.

Our Snowman face that is coated in chunky snow-white wax with a light vanilla scent, and then decorated with clove buds and cinnamon bark to look like a primitive snowman.

We first pour a pillar with our soy blended wax and our special recipe to allow the liquid of the reed diffuser to not soak into the wax.  After everything dries we then hollow out the inside of the pillar.  After this is ready we hand dip each pillar into the scented wax that is ordered.  This allows for each reed diffuser to give off a light scent without having any liquid in them.


Each of our large reed diffusers include the pillar dipped in your favorite scent, 6 reed straws, and a 4 ounce bottle of reed diffuser oils.

Vanilla Crème Brulee- This fragrance smells like a rich vanilla bean with the hint of that favorite dessert that everybody loves.  This scent is very warming and welcoming. This is a tan color.